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Preventive Dentistry – Amherst, MA

How We Protect Amherst From Cavities

We like to be proactive here at Amherst Dental Group. In addition to being able to fix just about any dental problem you can imagine, we also work to prevent those problems from occurring in the first place. By placing such an emphasis on preventive care, our patients are able to enjoy better oral health, fewer cavities, and lower dental care costs as the years go by! Is it time for you or your child’s checkup? If so, contact us today so we can safeguard your smile!

Why Choose Amherst Dental Group for Preventive Dentistry?

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    Families for 40+
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Dental Checkups & Cleanings

Woman smiling during dental checkup

Annoyances like cavities, gum disease, and worn down teeth can all be avoided if someone brushes their teeth every day and gets at least two checkups and cleanings with Amherst Dental Group each year. These appointments enable our expert hygiene team to remove harmful plaque and bacteria from the mouth before it can cause decay. And, a thorough exam from one of our dentists can help find the indications of an issue as early as possible so it can be treated right away.

Gum Disease Treatment

Woman with healthy smile after gum disease treatment

Are your gums red, tender, or swollen? Do they tend to bleed whenever you clean your teeth? If so, then you might have the early stage of gum disease, an infection that impacts roughly HALF of the US adult population. Fortunately, this condition is fairly easy to treat. With a special cleaning called scaling and root planing, we can eliminate bacteria and tartar hidden deep below the gum line and make sure the infection won’t come back in the future.

Fluoride Treatment

Woman with healthy smile after fluoride treatment

Regular exposure to fluoride has been shown to dramatically lower someone’s risk for developing cavities, and most people get plenty thanks to the foods they eat and the water they drink. To provide a little extra cavity protection, we also coat our patients’ teeth with a concentrated fluoride paste after every cleaning. This is much stronger than any product you’ll find on store shelves, and it will help keep your smile nice and healthy all the way until your next cleaning with us!

Dental Sealants

Man with healthy smile thanks to dental sealants

If someone is going to develop a cavity, the first place will usually be their back teeth. These can be tricky to thoroughly clean while brushing, plus their deep grooves act as traps for food and bacteria. However, with a dental sealant, we can literally place a protective barrier over these teeth to keep them safe. We simply apply a thin, clear layer of dental plastic to the enamel, sealing it off from any substances that could do it harm.

Oral Cancer Screening

Dentist performing oral cancer screening

When oral cancer is detected early, the survival rate is very high, but that number drops to as low as 38% if the disease isn’t detected until it’s quite advanced. To keep you and your loved ones safe, we’ll always perform an oral cancer screening during your checkups. If we find a suspicious sore, growth, or lesion, we can help a patient get a diagnosis right away. Then, if treatment is needed, it can be started without delay.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Man placing nightguard for bruxism

Millions of Americans unconsciously grind their teeth while they sleep—are you one of them? Do you wake up with a sore jaw or headache every day? Do your teeth look extremely worn down and flat? If so, then you likely have bruxism (nocturnal teeth grinding), and we can help by giving you a custom-made nightguard to wear to bed. This small oral appliance places a barrier between your teeth so they can’t come together and cause damage throughout the night.